Sunday, April 18, 2010

blogging on two glasses of wine...maybe three

It's my third day in England.  The ash continues to coat the atmosphere between 3000 and 11,000 feet, although you could have fooled me, as the silicon-particle ash is invisible.  My luggage is "somewhere in Terminal 5" as the friendly British Airways customer service agent informed me today when I changed my reservation today for the second time since Thursday.  I'm not worried.  There might be some pressing situations waiting for me on the other side of the pond, but what can I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.  Except make the best of it.
So far making the best of it has been lovely.  A train ride down to Eastbourne, where Felicity's parents live, but they are stuck in Spain because of volcanic ash as well, so we have the house to ourselves.  A walk along the seaside promenade between Meads Village and Eastbourne to have fish and chips and some shopping (because I had no clothes), and a walk through town; a day in Brighton enjoying the beautiful sunshine along with the rest of Brighton in the Lanes and on the seaside before hitting a nice pub, falling in love with the Dark Star Espresso Stout (THE best thing ever!!!!) before they ran out, and meeting some awesome folks to hang out with the rest of the night; and a nice, brisk afternoon walk from Meads to Beachy Head to see the lighthouse today before stopping at a local pub and heading home to make a nice dinner.  After a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, I thought I should update my friends and family about what I have been doing.  As you have already figured out, I am managing.
I have no idea when the airports will open airspace, when I will get a seat on a plane, when I will get home.  But until then, here I am.  Felicity is heading home to Edinburgh tomorrow.  I so want to go with her, but I want to stay near the airport in case they open airspace again and I happen to be able to catch a seat on some flight to the US last minute.  Alas, Edinburgh is one of the most fabulous cities I have ever visited, but this time it just isn't possible.
On to my next glass of wine...what does tomorrow hold?
Life is definitely all about flexibility, isn't it?

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  1. the wine has me confused; it's actually my fourth day.